5 Senses Coffee

5 Senses Coffee at Cafe Jas Horsham

At Cafe Jas we are committed to giving you the best experience possible and this includes exquisite food, great service and the finest coffee.

5 Senses mission is to provide coffee, as it should be “unadulterated, pure and sublime”. Established in 2000 and now with the commercial roasting facilities in both Melbourne and Perth, this quest for the finest coffee experience conceivable has taken the team at 5 Senses across the globe initiating and cultivating relationships based on fairness, excellence and consistency.

5 Senses procure their beans directly from brokers according to fresh crop and harvest cycles and relationships are also forged directly with growers. Bean selection is rigorously scrutinised in the 5 Senses lab. 5 Senses are engaged in a number of direct trade projects contributing to the long term sustainability of the coffee industry in places such as Bali, Papua New Guinea and Sumatra.

It is 5 Senses commitment to the coffee experience as a whole – from sourcing and roasting, together with their ethical approach that led Cafe Jas to select 5 Senses as our coffee partner.

Synesso Coffee Machines


We have also researched the best way to deliver 5 Senses coffee to you and are proud to new be using Synesso Coffee Machines. Synesso Coffee Machines are simply the best espresso machines in the world, imported directly from Seattle.

These machines are just as comfortable in the lab of an artisan coffee roaster as they are in the world’s busiest cafes. Synesso owner Mark Barnett combined years of industry experience with intense consultation with leading baristas to create a ‘real world’ machine.

Designed to deliver exiting performance and reliability in any environment the Synesso range of machines have been embraced by the most demanding of espresso specialists from around the world.

Synesso is firmly established as the world’s premier commercial espresso machine with good reason. The impressive specifications, quality engineering and unique style have made the Synesso top of the wish list for the cafe owner who seeks to provide customers with consistently high quality coffee.